What is ‘Trotac’? You’ve probably asked yourself that question. Trotac is “trolling and tackle” in reference to the west coast commercial fishing fleet, and the raison d’être of how the business began.

In 1972, the founder, Pete Thomson, after working for a few decades in similar industries, made the decision to strike out on his own and opened Trotac. This was truly begun as a family business as all three of Pete’s children contributed to the company from the simplest form by packaging (earning half a penny per bag!) to working in the store, as well as Pete’s wife doing the bookkeeping.

In the early 80′s, Trotac expanded its building and staff as well as its customer base from the commercial fishing fleet to supplying:

  • Workboats (tow, inshore freighter, pilot boats)
  • Scientific research vessels and projects (Neptune, Venus and many other projects around the world)
  • Shipyards for ship construction and maintenance products
  • Search and Rescue (Canadian Coast Guard, Auxiliary Coast Guard, Canadian Navy)
  • Pleasure marine(sport fishing, sailing, motor boating and live a-boards)

After decades of successful business decisions, two business moves and the purchase of the present 16,000 sq ft warehouse/sales area, the business has grown to be a major supplier of marine products. Add to that the 15 knowledgeable staff members with hands-on practical experience to assist you to purchase the best products for the job the first time.

Over the last 40 years, Trotac Marine has grown strong relationships with the professional mariners and the marine manufacturers of the world. With these solid contacts we are able to source the best products from manufacturers by regularly attending international trade shows and visiting key marine businesses around the world. In many cases Trotac has provided input to the design of products so that they meet the crucial needs to survive in the harsh conditions of the Pacific Ocean off the west coast waters of North America.

At Trotac Marine we fully understand all the products we sell and the environment in which they will have to operate. From anchor lights to zinc and all things in between, the staff at Trotac Marine have either ” been there, done that ” or have the connections in the industry to ask the right questions to get you the information you need.

Campbell Thomson
Pete Thomson
Owners of Trotac Marine