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With more than 50 years of industry experience, we strive to share what we’ve learned over the years with you. Our manufacturer partnerships allow us to access the correct departments and receive the right information to help you resolve any issue.  


Whether you need a new anchoring system, custom rope splicing, or are interested in Trevor’s famous Halibut Anchoring System, we can help.

We supply rope splicing for tugboats, the Royal Canadian Navy, Department of National Defense (DND), Canadian Coast Guard, as well as Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Our team guarantees that your splicing project will be completed to industry standards. 
We do accept rope that has not been purchased at Trotac Marine. However, there are certain parameters of tolerance that need to be met. All rope is subject to inspection to confirm its spliceability.  


With over 30 years of pump repair experience, we are here to resolve your issues. As a long-time parts supplier for Jabsco, Sherwood and Oberdorfer, we can rebuild and service most pumps.  
Rather than selling you a new pump, we can often restore yours back to its original specifications. We can also provide advice on how to extend the lifetime of your current equipment.   
If you are experiencing a problem, give us a call or visit our in-store technician and they can help resolve your pump issues in no time. 


Whether you need new lifelines, running rigging or are thinking about architectural rigging, The Sailing Shop inside our Victoria location is your one-stop-shop. Our expert staff will help ensure that any order is completed to operate safely within its’ design specifications. 
We offer a variety of rigging services including swaging, splicing, and crimping. If you need standing rigging, lifelines, halyards and sheets, architectural wire design, or custom rigging, give us a call or visit Alex and his team in-store. 


No matter what the size of your vessel, Trotac Marine can supply you with CSA approved roto-molded polyethylene tanks. Sizes range from 5 to 115 gallons and are certified for drinking water, but also function as holding tanks. 
A great option for boats and campers, we will install threaded inlets to meet your unique specifications. Pick-up tubes, access hatches and tank level sensors can also be installed upon request.  


orget about noisy, inefficient heaters, ovens, and cooktops. Wallas has been manufacturing marine heaters since 1972 and are some of the market’s most reliable diesel and paraffin heaters. Designed and manufactured in Finland, you can expect a reliable and energy efficient product that produces whisper-quite heat.  
Our technicians are available to service your Wallas products in our Victoria location. Not in the area? Please call or email us. Our technicians will do their best to guide you through a repair or installation.  
Please note: All Wallas marine heating systems should be inspected and serviced after the first 500 hours of operation to ensure they are working as designed. Following the first inspection, they should be serviced after every 1,000-2,000 hours of use.  


If you are interested in an energy efficient, quiet and easy-to-use marine reverse osmosis desalination system, look no further than Spectra Watermakers. Katadyn/Spectra Watermakers are sold in complete kits – all you add are 2 thru-hulls. 
Trotac is the Canadian distributor of Katadyn/Spectra Watermakers.  We carry a variety of models ranging from emergency life raft size to 10,000 GPD. 12–24VDC 120/240AC. Trotac carries an extensive inventory of Spectra parts and offers complete Clark pump rebuilding services to our Canadian customers.